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Spain's Digital Nomad Visa 101

Updated: Mar 14

Ah, Spain! A dream destination for many, now offers a tangible opportunity to make that dream a reality with its Digital Nomad Visa. It is Spain's inviting way of saying, "Bring your laptop, and stay awhile!" Sounds enticing, doesn't it?

When Spain Rolled Out the Red Carpet for Digital Nomads

In January 2023, Spain decided to get with the times and roll out the Digital Nomad Visa, joining a growing list of countries adapting to the new normal of remote work. This move was indicative of a broader trend among nations recognising the benefits of attracting remote workers, including Spain's neighbor, Portugal, which had already established itself as a favourable destination for digital nomads. The introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa by Spain was not just a nod to the changes brought about by the pandemic and the technological advancements that made remote work more feasible; it was a strategic decision to attract a skilled, global workforce that could contribute to the local economy while enjoying the lifestyle and cultural offerings of Spain. 

Check If You Are Visa Material

Firstly, you'll need to meet certain employment criteria. Whether you're currently employed or self-employed, there are specific requirements to fulfil.

For employed individuals, this includes having a minimum of three months' experience with your current employer, who must have been in operation for over a year and agree to your remote work arrangement from Spain.

If you're self-employed, your clients should be businesses located outside of Spain, with whom you've had a working relationship for at least three months. They must have a track record of more than a year and consent to your remote work setup from Spain.

Ensuring you have a clean criminal record for the past five years is a must, and meeting the income threshold is essential.

For a single applicant, the annual gross salary must exceed €31,752. This requirement increases based on the number of dependents you plan to bring along. Speaking of which, you can include your spouse, children under 18, or financially dependent relatives in your application.

Would you like to understand the visa requirements in more detail? Fill out our eligibility questionnaire and you will receive the assessment outcome in your inbox.

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