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Spain's Digital Nomad Visa: What it is and what it offers

The Digital Nomad Visa or Residency Permit empowers non-EU nationals to legally reside and work remotely from Spain for the duration of the visa/permit. 

Work rights for main applicant

Employed applicants may only work for companies based outside the national territory (those without an entity or office within Spain).

Self-employed applicants may engage with clients in Spain, provided that such work constitutes no more than 20% of their total professional activity.


If applying from within Spain (after legally entering the country, e.g., on a tourist visa), a Digital Nomad Residence Permit is granted for up to three years. Renewals are available for additional periods of 2 years, contingent upon meeting eligibility criteria.

Applying from outside of Spain (through the local Spanish consulate) allows for a one-year Digital Nomad Visa. Upon expiration, applicants may seek a residence permit, potentially lasting up to three years if requirements are still satisfied.

Permanent Residency pathway

Time spent on the Digital Nomad Residency contributes towards eligibility for Permanent Residency, offering a route for long-term settlement in Spain. Notably, time spent on the Digital Nomad Visa (applied for from outside Spain) does not count towards Permanent Residency.

Family inclusion

The visa permits the inclusion of spouses and children in the application, albeit with an associated increase in income requirements.

Work rights for dependents

Dependents of working age are permitted to work (in Spain or remotely) without restrictions.

EU mobility

Residence card holders enjoy unrestricted movement within the European Union, facilitating travel and exploration opportunities.

Complete our eligibility questionnaire  and you will receive the assessment outcome if your inbox.

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