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Spain's Digital Nomad Visa: For UK applicants

Eligibility considerations:

  • UK professionals can apply for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa as either employed or self-employed individuals.

  • Eligibility extends to self-employed professionals from any country, allowing them the freedom to apply without geographical restrictions.

  • Employed applicants must work for an employer in a country that has a valid Social Security agreement with Spain. The UK stands out as one of the few countries that meet this criterion, enabling UK professionals a unique pathway to apply.

  • UK business owners have the flexibility to apply either as self-employed individuals, or as registered employees of their own company, provided they meet the remaining eligibility requirements and comply with both Spain and UK tax regulations.

Specific requirements for employed UK applicants:

In addition to the standard requirements, employed UK applicants must verify their Social Security status by securing the following certificates:

Applicants will need to obtain an A1 form. This is a document used by individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom to provide proof of their social security coverage in another European Economic Area (EEA).  In order to obtain this form: 

  • Employer must submit the CA3821 form to inform they are sending the employee to work abroad 

  • Applicant must submit the CA382 form to confirm they will pay UK National Insurance when working temporarily abroad 

Applicants have the option to secure an S1 form as well. This certificate entitles individuals to access public healthcare services in Spain while they maintain their UK National Insurance contributions. 

  • The S1 certificate serves as an alternative to the private health insurance requirement in the application process for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa.

Note: this requirements do not apply to self-employed UK applicants.

Complete our eligibility questionnaire and you will receive the assessment outcome if your inbox.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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